Terekhol River

Terekhol River, Goa

The Terekhol River is started from Sindhudurg district of the Maharashtra state. This flows in Goa in North district. It is also flow near of the Terekhol Fort and meet to the Arabian Sea. Tourists can enjoy of the ferry in The Terekhol River.

This another name is Banda River. Terekhol fort is situated on the bank of the Terekhol River northern side. Now, this fort converted into a heritage hotel. People can stay here safe and secure and also can visit glory of the River. People can enjoy here several type water sports like boating, fishing, swimming and ferry trip.

The Goa is a state which is having abundant resources in terms of water along with flora and fauna. There are numerous waterfalls along with many rivers which originates through the state and further falls into the Arabian Sea. One such river is Terekhol River and it is also known as the Banda river in the lower reaches at Terekhol. The river which makes the actual boundary between Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra state along with the North Goa district of the Goa state makes the environs of the South-Westerly direction meeting at Arabian Sea as stated above and it also has the Terekhol fort in the vicinity which is maintained in an excellent condition.

The fort which is much talked about here is located on the upper region of the Banda river and the Goa district region for the range of the distances along with the present scenario to be seen where the sand mafia has done enough of sand extraction which has bought much of degeneration in resources of the rivers. One could say that the excessive damages to the environment in Pernem has given a red signal to the authorities and now they are trying to manage the resources.

The heritage hotel which has been given new shape through maintaining of Terekhol Fort attracts tourists from all over the world. The people stay here to enjoy the ambience and local cuisine as the hotel has great restaurant offering good food. Since, the hotel is situated over a cliff it gives a beautiful view of the river and the ocean at the same time. The Querim Beach offers the terrific view of the Arabian Sea and is a great place to enjoy the sea-shore activities along with beautiful points to get yourself photographed and carry the photography expedition along with a great nature trail. Japan Trip & Europe Trip

Tourists Attractions: Tiracol Rocks Beach, Tiracol Fort, St Anthony's Church, Querim Beach, Ferry Trip on River, Boating on River, Chapel of Our Lady of Carmin,

Nearest Accommodations: Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel - 3-star hotel (077200 56799), Cinatra Residency Guest House (0832 224 9275), Hotel Sea Side (096238 38564), The Dream Catchers Hostel And Cafe (081266 69042), House on rent Goa Keri (077749 60679), LODGE (095116 13562), CCC Nest, Prabhavati Residency, Kiranpani Eco Farm (097640 24860), Coconut Creek - 2-star hotel

Location path: Sindhudurg district (Maharashtra), North Goa district, Manohargad, Arabian Sea

Total Length: 32 kilometers (26 KM in Goa and 6 KM in Maharashtra)

Originates Place: at Manohargad in Sahyadris or Western Ghats (Maharashtra state).

Arabian Sea Drop Place: Querim beach (North Goa).

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