Goa Taxis, Buses, Bikes & Trains Transport System

Transport is the most important in life after infrastructure. In India and esp. In Goa there are great options of transport and the public transport consists of many better options from Ferry to Bus and also the Bike and Car Rentals. The taxis are also one of the better options along with finding the cheapest mode of transport which is the bicycle on rent for many enthusiasts are provided with ease.

Motorcycle on rent: One can get the best of the bikes through the delivery options where the bikes are also send to the hotels or your place of stay. The bike rentals are quite affordable and the young generation gets the best out of the bikes through easily managed ways of the bike rental companies.

Ferry Services: The Ferry Services of Goa are very affordable and the River crossings in Goa are managed through flat-bottomed ferry boats. They are sometimes crammed with people and vehicles but still people enjoy the rides.

Taxi: The taxi which is run by Govt. Of Goa and the various operators come under the wings of GTDC thus ensuring hassle free transport. Under which Bike Taxi and Pilot Service or Motorcycle Rickshaws run at the Meter guidance and the money is paid per kilometre basis. There is also a Women taxi services with Govt. Approved fare rates.

Local bus service: The local bus service helps in reaching the wider network and the remotest areas comes under the wide network of the buses. It is one of the cheapest mode of transport and the bus stops could be found everywhere. A state transport by the name of Kadamba Transport Corporation is found which connects only main cities of Goa.

Auto Rickshaw: The Auto-Rickshaw which is the most cost effective way to travel although sometimes they charge on their own with no standard amount based on kilometers. The pre-paid taxi service has fixed price which could be Rs 7 or Rs 8 per Kilometers and it is also available at Airports and Railway Stations.

Trains: Goa state's most important and biggest railway staiton is Madgaon Junction. All express and local trains stoped hear. Distance between Panaji and Madgaon city is 35.4KM.

Buses: Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) of the Goa Govt. and Private agancies are running bus tranposrt services.

Taxies: car taxies is better way to go one site to another place in Goa state. Taxies charges are Rs 8 per km

Moter Bikes: Motorcycle is a good affordable and unique way to go one place to another. Moter bike hiring per day charges are Rs. 200 to Rs. 400. Per Kilometer charge is Rs.5

Autorickshaw: Auto rickshaw is another convenient way of the transport. Auto rickshaw charges are Rs.7 per KM

Ferry: Ferry is the better way to trip around Goa Sea and its rivers. Ferry is the most transport system to go Goa's island places.

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