St Francis Xavier

Feast of St Francis Xavier, Goa

St. Francis Xavier’s feast is celebrated on 3rd December to honor the memory of St. Francis Xavier every year. The feast remembers the death date of a saint. Large-scale festivities and fun activities happen in the feast and so, it is divided into nine days. To take the enjoyment of the feast to next level, a line of drinks and food is arranged for the people. Church services start at 4 am and people come in huge number to honor this saint.

Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa

India is the only country in the world that celebrates every festival with the cycle of the season with same enthusiasm and joy. This feast celebrates the time of sowing and harvesting and also, the victory of good over evil. The celebration of festivals awards joy and enthusiasm to the life of the Indians. The Indian calendars are full of all small and big occasions. Some Indian festivals are, solely of religion, while others are related to change of season and harvesting time. All festivals have their historical significance and have gone through several changes for the ease of people. Diversity in India can be best observed by seeing colorful festivals. In fact, dance, music, processions, new attires, and prayers are a major part of Indian celebrations. But, the passion for some festivals seems to be disappearing with time, but they have been successful in bringing a significant change in the people’ lifestyle.

In Goa, St. Francis Xavier’s Feast starts every year from 21st November and continues up to 2nd January. This is certainly the best time to visit Goa as it gives you a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a religious fair and festival and, also to attend the biggest Indian carnival.

St. Francis Xavier is also referred to as “Goencho Saib”, which means lord of Goa. Goans believe St. Francis Xavier is the Patron Saint of Goa. This feast is celebrated as the burial date of St. Xavier on 3rd December every year. He was buried in the land after nine days long prayer known as the Novena. This feast hosts a number of ceremonies to honor the death of the saint. Every year, over 2 lakhs followers from India as well as from all over the world come to Goa to attend this feast.

The entire look of Goa is changed overnight for this yearly feast and novenas. Pilgrims from distant places of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Peninsula, and Kerala come together to Goa to celebrate the born of Jesus Basilica. A maximum crowd gathers on the feast day when all the roads in Goa head towards Basilica. People gather to Old Goa in great number on the occasion of the St. Francis Xavier Feast. During the period of celebration, even the deserted places like gardens and open spaces are full of Pilgrims of different Indian religion. St. Francis Xavier will be always remembered by his followers for his healing powers.

Visit Goa and be a part of this celebration!


2025 Festival Date: Wednesday, 3 December

2024 Festival Date: Tuesday, 3 December

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 3 December

2022 Festival Date: Saturday, 3 December

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 3 December

2020 Festival Date: Thursday, 3 December

2019 Festival Date:Tuesday, 3 December

2018 Festival Date: Monday, 3 December

Importance : Death day of the St. Francis Xaviert.

Type : Christian Religion Festival.

Frequency: Annual