Augustine Tower

St Augustine Tower, Old Goa

St. Augustine Tower is one of the remaining in ruins and is close to the nunnery of Santa Monica which defies the vagaries of weather and still a part of it stands tall ravaging the time. It is the only surviving tower and is a part of the Church of St. Augustine which is the biggest Church of the Goa and is now-a-days in ruins. It is said to be largely deserted with the glory behind it and with some secrets which is left to divulge and needs dig deep enough to find them. It is said that the complex was built by Augustinian order which comprises the Church of the lady of Grace and the UNESCO has declared it as the World heritage site. With the archaeological discovery of the remains of Queen Ketevan it is also sacred to the Hindus and it is also dedicated to the lady of grace with the construction started in 1597 and got completed around 1602 which originally comprises with four towers with a massive vault. It is one of the dimensions of the superb edifice and has a great Imperial Cathedral of the renaissance era with much of the majestic structure that even a Canon fire could not destroy it but today it remain in ruins still visited by many and considered a sacred place.

St. Augustine's Tower (Church of Saint Augustine Ruins) is a famous tourist landmark which is situated at old Goa city. Its total height is just 46 meters but now this is a ruin condition church. This church and tower was built in 1602 by Portuguese ruler in Italian style. This church abandoned from 1835 due to policy of the Portuguese Gov. This church destroyed in 1842 due to not maintenance from last several years. Now, only ruins are available of this church.

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Visit Information:-

Location: Old Goa

Completed Year: 1602

UNESCO World Heritage Site: from 1986

Nearest Bus Stop: NH 4A Bypass Road

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali (5 KM)

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 26.4 KM

Panjim City: 10.3 KM