Speed Boat Rides

Speed Boat Rides, Goa

Speed boat ride is an adventure water sport in Goa which rider faces an adventure experience against wind blowing. Goa state has several beaches where tourists can enjoy speed boat ride. 3 to 6 persons can participate speed boat ride group. Tourists can enjoy this adventure for 10 minutes to an hour. Tourist can explore Goa beaches beauty.

Speed Boat Rides is one of the best and thrilling water ride which is facilitated by many water sports and adventure sports provided at Goa. There is no better way to understand that the feeling of the fresh sea water and the breeze along with water and the face and flow through the hair and the body gets drenched with water giving the complete feelings. In general, everyone is facilitated by water sports and the riding waves at more than 50 mph with Goa offering numerous opportunities along with the adventure and the rush of the adrenaline could be felt within the great company of the trainer or the guide who accompanies and the tourists irresistible ways to unwind along with experiencing the non-stop action and adventures.

Speed Boat is not a new thing with the fast and the powerful way of riding through waves it gives the perfect way but the only thing is that the speed boat rides gives only limited time and if you are the one who loves wading through water then the second thought about spending money will not come in your mind. The exciting ride cannot be missed and much of the honeymoon travelers take this ride. The tourists are found to be very much fascinated by water sports lovers and they put the enjoyment of other sorts at bay and wade through turquoise waters by rushing towards shoreline and then get the foamy waves splashed all over the water which experiences the non-stop action and the adventures. The riveting boat ride with no exception in terms of money as most of them are costly is perfect sojourn for large groups and with five of the person who get fit into with the perfect activity for the family and the duration of the activity is not more than 2 to 3 minutes.

Boating Prices: Rs. 800 per person (only for 10 minutes)

Location: Fort Aguada, Sinquerim, Grant Island, St. Jacinto Island, Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Arrossim Beach, Utorda Beach and Colva beach.