Solar Dos Colacos

Solar Dos Colacos Mansion, North Goa

Solar Dos Colacos Mansion is heritage house of the Portuguese ruled period. It is located at Ribandar village which situated between of Old Goa and Panjim city road, left bank of the Mandovi River. This heritage house (Mansion) also can see from Divar and Chorao Island as well as can see from old Goa city churches location. It has approx 300 years old history.

Solar dos colacos mansion construction was started just form 1730 by Joao Colaco while completed in 1745 by Nazario Colaco which was son of the Joao Colaco. This time its only first wing (western side) was completed. Its east side wing was completed in 1825 by Jose Bernardo Colaco which was family member of the "Joao Colaco".This heritage house western wing was used for private purpose such as dining hall, chapel, children house and Madonna statue while eastern wing was used for society meeting purpose. This mansion has a long dining table where can sit 30 people together.

Tourists can visit it to request to the owner. Visitors will fee here of old style living which includes old age furniture, dining table, rooms and mansion Portuguese architecture style. People can get it easily which connected well from Panjim and old Goa cities. This mansion also celebrate annually 15 days celebration from 1st to the 15th August which was started by Jose Bernardo Colaco.

Solar Dos Colacos Mansion is a 300 Year and above old Portuguese mansion which provides the best retreat in the best ways and the name Solar suggests the bestowing of sunshine and happiness which makes it the heavenly abode of nobleman. The name is also engraved at the entrance of the house and it is built in baroque style with the mansion located at Ribandar along the left bank of River Mandovi and through the islands of Chorao and Divar a beautiful Churches of Old Goa can be seen and it has a construction of Joao Colaco in 1730 and further the son continued with the legacy and was known by the name of Nazario Colaco.

It has an imposing facade and the mansion has all the historical churches of Goa and it can be accessed by road or the boat along with the private jetty which completes the heritage touch on the Grande Old Mansion and there is also an interesting story which says that there is a statue of Madonna and the Child which is housed in the Chapel. Jose Bernardo Colaco which is said to be capsized off the coast of Aguada and clung to the statue which is said to be once saved his life. It is also said that he bought the home and the custom of reciting prayers with rosary and ladainha in the house takes place from August 1 to 15 every year.

The tradition is still in practice and the other interesting aspect of dining hall is a sideboard on which Nazario Colaco II who was the grandson of Jose Bernardo Colaco who was a skilled wood carver made rare pieces of art as he created scenes from Ramayana and the wood handiwork could be seen which is seen as a tradition.

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Visit Information:-

Location: Ribandar Village, North Goa

Nearest Bus Stop: Ribandar

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 25.0 KM

Panjim City: 6.4 KM

Madgaon City: 31.0 KM