Republic Day

Republic Day of India, 26th January

India celebrates the Republic Day on January 26 every year. This is an official national holiday of India which is established in honor of the freedom from the British rule and the amendment of the Republican Constitution in 1950. On this very day, every year in Delhi, the capital of India, in front of the palace of Indian president, a huge celebration is organized with the participation of students, folk dancers and orchestras and military and police officials.

The military parade showcases the power of the armed forces as it is the largest in the world.

Several Air Forces officials attend the parade to show the real strength of Indian armed forces. It is worth mentioning, on this day one can see around 150000 army officers and 1,000 aircrafts the military parade.

On this very day, not only armed forces showcase their strength, but police officers also showcase their dangerous stunts with a special performance just to entertain the Indian citizens.

It has been seen that the general crowd enjoy the performances of the police officers who display severe, risky and extraordinary related to their duty the most.

With regards to a national holiday in the country, government organizes several cultural performances, festivals, fairs, and exhibitions. In the capital of Goa- Panaji, a team of environmentalists and artists display an exhibition of photographs of the evergreen trees that are saved from the expansion of roads.

Republic Day Celebration in Goa

The main celebration of Republic Day in Goa is organized in Panaji. Goa government organizes the state-level function of Republic Day at the capital city-Panaji where the governor of Goa unfurls the national tricolor flag at the SAG Ground, Campal, Goa. In the function, many cultural and military functions are organized to entertain the Goan. The cultural events are organized with the motive to give a glimpse of our diversified country to the people who are not aware of the people, culture and their contribution in the freedom of other Indian states and the military parade is organized to flaunt the real strength of the country. Not only Governor of Goa attends this event, but the leading personalities from different fields such as politics, law, sports, and other dignitaries also partake to witness and be a part of the proud moments of the nation.

The Goa Governor and all respected guests then review the parade conducted by the contingents of Home Guard, Navy, Police, Army, school, and NCC. The governor addresses the gathering. The Governor also gives awards on the occasion to some brave Indian people. Then the function moves further with the cultural programs that are presented by the students and folk dancers to entertain the gathered crowd.

From above, it must not be concluded that the republic day celebration is only organized in Panaji, the capital state of Goa; in fact, the day is celebrated at other taluka places in Goa with same enthusiasm and happiness. Later in the evening, the Governor of Goa hosts a reception at the lawns of Raj Bhavan to give a beautiful and memorable conclusion to the entire celebration.

If your motive is to witness the culture of Goa and the struggle of Goans for freedom, it is best to visit Goa on Republic Day!


2025 Festival Date: Sunday, 26 January

2024 Festival Date: Friday, 26 January

2023 Festival Date: Thursday, 26 January

2022 Festival Date: Wednesday, 26 January

2021 Festival Date: Tuesday, 26 January

2020 Festival Date: Sunday, 26 January

2019 Festival Date: Saturday, 26 January

2018 Festival Date: Friday, 26 January

Importance : Republic day of the India

Type : Indian National Festival

Frequency: Annual