Palolem Beach, South Goa

Palolem beach is a famous beach, which is known for its beautiful crescent shape. You can see the both ends, if you stand in the center of this beach. This beach is famous among nature lovers and adventure seekers. There is no entry fee to this beach and you can visit it whenever you wish to have fun.

Things to do in Palolem Beach

You will see many foreigners relaxing here, as this beach is a suitable place for relaxation. You can see tourists listening to music, playing football or sunbathing. Kids spend their time making sandcastles or other sand structures.

This beach is at a walking distance from monkey Island. If you have seen the whole beach, then you can move towards monkey point. This is a beautiful destination and you can click some breathtaking pictures over there. Near to this place, there is Butterfly Beach or honeymoon beach. If you want to visit Butterfly beach, then you have to hire a boat.

If you love nightlife, then visit this beach to party hard. Enjoy Silent noise party at Neptune point. They will provide you headphones to listen the music and dance until you get exhausted or the music ends.

Tips for travellers

You can hire a bike to visit this beach and you can see the nearby places. Bikes are a perfect solution for a small family or younger people who want to have fun. You need to have an international driving license to drive a bike over there; always wear a helmet while driving a bike.

Another option to explore this beach is by hiring a Kayak in the early morning. You can take part in paragliding, dolphin watching, board riding, fishing and swimming. Some of the attractions, which are near to this beach, are Guru Mandir and Saint Tereza of Jesus.

Nearest Accommodations:

Resorts:- Dream Catcher Luxury (077700 89572), Oxygen Palolem Resort (097654 37502), Goa Palms Resort (088052 02483), Palolem Beach Resort (0832 264 3054), Neptune Point Beach Resort (091584 32629), Royal Touch Beach Huts & Restaurent (0832 264 3192), Palolem Inn (098221 53903), Shawnels Beach Resort (0832 264 3444), The Nest (096044 16142), Sea Shades Resort (075068 15290), Marron Sea View Resort (098221 53903), Pacific Sunset View Resort (090492 20430), Bhakti Kutir (0832 264 3469).

Hotels:- Castle House palolem (0832 264 3225), Oceanic Hotel (0832 264 3059), Sun Beach Residency (098195 14908), Roadhouse Hostels Palolem (0731 330 1301), Palolem Guest House (0832 264 4879), The Hostel Crowd (0832 264 3406), Ciarans Hotel (0832 264 3477), Pixels Oceanfront (082966 98919), La Alegro (096575 56701), Hotel My Soulmate (098237 85250), Seagull Tourist Guest House (0832 264 3978).

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 19.6 20.5 23.2 25.6 26.3 24.7 24.1 24.0 23.8 23.8 22.3 20.6
Average High (℃) 31.6 31.5 32.0 33.0 33.0 30.3 28.9 28.8 29.5 31.6 32.8 32.4

Visit Information:-

Location:: Canacona, South Goa

Nearest Bus Stop: Palolem

Nearest Railway Station: Canacona

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 60KM

Panjim City: 69.3KM

Madgaon City: 36.9KM