New Year

New Year Celebration, Goa

It's a time of getting enjoy and celebrations for this upcoming New Year as a festive occasion really surprising to you. Goa is the most event happening destination gives you a warm welcome and hug to this New Year event. What you could do on your New Year special really you all might be so excited and butterfly feelings in your heart to take wonderful celebrations. New Year event brings a lot of cheerful and pleasant moments to get enjoy or celebrate together by forgetting every bad memory and happening with this last year. New Year seems a new fresh beginning beats hurtful previous memories. Enjoy a massive New Year party with your close friends, relatives and dearest family member to keep sweet memories records. You have big opportunities get a big deal with discount offers by booking New Year party in a luxury five-star hotels truly add extra fun and excitement. Get enjoy a friendly party for quick romantic and charming pleasant experience.

Upcoming New Year Parties In Goa At Awesome Venues

Are you in search of the most happening stunning venues to enjoy such a wonderful New Year Party? Don’t worry, we are highlighting some of the most fan favorite venues hope you love and enjoy in Goa.

North Goa Amazing Sights Full Day Tour

Let's enjoy amazing celebrations of big day start among the sightseeing tour in North Goa side. This is a good chance of enjoying stunning and charming views by booking your trip for adventure. You will explore wonderful most favorite awesome views more than you imagine by visiting North Goa side long journey.

Hill Top, Vagator

Party is a crazy mood type in the destination located at the top of the hill at Vagator. This is a superb idea to enjoy with full of planning and ideas to make New Year truly brilliant you can't miss to afford. Everyone stay here to celebrate the most special party of a big day event entirely different from formal type event.

Curlies, Anjuna Look & Feel Smoky

Curlies appears dark with multicolor trimming lights you love in the smoky venue. With a great pleasant feel adding DJs rocking scene with fun-filled dancing together to make a big sound of surprising New Year perfect Party in Goa. After entering into Curlies, Anjuna you might be impressed with a Goa perfect gateway to find your joy and collecting vast memories record.

Water Sports in Mobor, Goa

If you are at Water Sports in Mobor, Goa explore adventure strength to get excited about unique and thundering activities makes feel delighted and feel free to let you connect with spirit. It is a great experience delight your heart with fun loaded and butterflies. Everything you need available here drinks, delicious food and spicy cheese, fast food, lip-smacking dishes and much more for New Year special party.

Goa availing nightclubs, pubs and big cinema hall act like real display of a big TV screen in a luxury theater. A huge crowd only visits to enjoy a New Year special event to leave past rumors, bad memories and disgusting arguments, meetings with people at different places. No one aspires to have horrible flashback and nightmares, everything is only a real happiness and attitude wish to perceive for an entire New Year.


2025 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 January

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 1 January

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 1 January

2022 Festival Date: Saturday, 1 January

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 1 January

2020 Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 January

2019 Festival Date: Tuesday, 1 January

2018 Festival Date: Monday, 1 January

Type : New Year's First Day

Frequency: Annual