Maha Shivaratri Festival, Goa

Maha Shivratri is one of the most important festival, on this day Hindu men and women fast without drinking water. A large population of Hindu is dedicated to adoring Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati. It is a great cheerful celebration as an auspicious marriage anniversary day of Lord Shiva and goddesses Parvati. This festive occasion comes during the month of February and March every year. Shiva Ratri festive occasion is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi on Maagha month. All Hindu devotees fast full day and visit the temple to pray Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is also known as ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ this is a sacred mantra sung to remember Lord ‘, Shiva’. The Hindu devotees are excited to celebrate Mahashivratri festival with fun-filled and joyful moments. There are a number of holy bhajans of Lord Shiva and Parvati with melodious sound and lyrics wins your heart.

Hindu devotees wait for a long time for upcoming Shiv Ratri especially girls fasting with a hope of finding a worthy life partner bestowed with all the great qualities like Lord Shiva. Literally, Mahashivratri is a traditional festival when Hindu ladies prepare a variety of sweet dishes at their home to eat during fast. On this amazing festival devotee fast whole the day and night by worshiping sacred Shiva Lingam to propitiate their mind and soul.

In Goa, Mahashivratri celebrations are ultimate in the big famous temples that can be especially enjoyed at the Shiroda and Ramnath most popular holy place and many more Harvalem, Kavlem and Mangesh Temple. When it comes to the rural and city region, there are many temples decorated with full of flower and lights to celebrate Mahashivratri. Devotees organize night Jaagran or night long awakening to sing holy hymns and devotional songs (Bhajan) and accomplish prayer with aarti to please Lord Shiva.

Goa is a blend of modern and traditional culture where Shiva devotees celebrate Mahashivratri with milk, water and beal leaves offered above linga of Lord Shiva. These celebrations are with great excitement, joy and religious fervor might be seen which truly makes surprised. It is considered that worshiping Lord Shiva chances to enlist moksha (Param Aanand).

Mahashivratri festival shows the essence of cultural and fervor of the religious affair in the entire Indian, Hindu caste, subgroups and communities, etc. Devotees in Goa celebrate the auspicious significant festival by singing various devotional songs, dance rehearsal based on the performance of Lord Shiva dance in a devotional style.

Sometimes devotees are in confusion with an auspicious date of festive occasion because the same festival celebrations might be seen on the different dates. But an absolute date and time are mentioned almanacs what you consider first before embarking of Mahashivratri festival. It is most commonly takes a few hours of the night and the next whole day what devotees wait for a long time.

Goa, these historic temple’s decoration view attracts the attention of devotees during Mahashivratri festive celebrations. Don’t miss an exclusive opportunity and buy or booking Goa tickets for Mahashivratri festival at the most happening destination. Enjoy your easy and convenient booking to get a pleasant experience of a devotional trip.


2025 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Wednesday, 26 February

2024 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Friday, 8 March

2023 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Saturday, 18 February

2022 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Monday, 28 February

2021 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Thursday, 11 March

2020 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Friday, 21 February

2019 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Monday, 4 March

2018 Mahashivratri Festival Date: Tuesday, 13 February

Importance : Fasting, all night vigil

Type : Hindu Religion Festival