Kesarval Springs, South Goa

Kesarval Springs, Goa is just located 22 Kms from Goa and is near the Verna Plateau which has also to be said of some medicinal properties. The Kesaval springs from a hard compact rock which gives them a natural dense undergrowth tropical woodlands which could be a great place to visit because of the peace and serenity all around. In the earlier days of the spring which means when it was not visited by many people it had s stony route but the word Kesar-Val which is derived from the Indian word for the eagles as they used to manage a colony here all around on the forested slopes making it an important tourist attractions.

People now-a-days from far and wide visit these springs and they take a dip here to get the healing properties as well as cure their ailments which also looks best during monsoon with terraced hills all around and the entire area is surrounded by lush greenery. The spring can be visited anytime throughout the day and the nearest village or place which is inhabited is village of Coratim and if one asks it as one of the most famous tourist spot then it is known to be above many others.

Kesarval spring is situated near of the Verna plateau, south Goa. National highway-17 through cross near of this place. Around this location has a dense forest trees and hill stretch. Government of Goa had been built steps to reach near of the spring without problem which is good spot to bathing with full of the passion. People suppose that this water has meditation properties; it is healthful when any person bath on this water.

Season to Visit:-Good season to visit this spring is monsoon from July to September.

Nearest Tourist Attractions:- Kaylk Waterfall, Ambular Lake, Chauder Cortalim Lake, Velsao Beach, Cansaulim Beach, Arossim Beach, Zauri River.

Nearest Accommodations:- Kesarval Garden Retreat , Hotel Mardol Residency , The Queeny Hotel , Christies Holiday Homes , Falleiro'S Hotel , Dona Maria Holiday Homes .

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 19.6 20.5 23.2 25.6 26.3 24.7 24.1 24.0 23.8 23.8 22.3 20.6
Average High (℃) 31.6 31.5 32.0 33.0 33.0 30.3 28.9 28.8 29.5 31.6 32.8 32.4

Visit Information:-

Location: Kesarvale, Panaji-Margaon Road

Nearest Bus Stop: Kesarval Garden Cortalim

Nearest Railway Station: Verna (5.5 KM)

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 11.1 KM

Panjim City: 16.6 KM

Madgaon City: 16.9 KM