Eid Ul Fitr

Eid Ul Fitr Festival, Goa

Eid Ul Fitr is one of the significant Islamic festive occasion celebrated with lots of cheerful celebrations in Goa special. This is exclusively for Muslims when they consistently fast 30 days long to adhere their Allah. Muslim people only fast during the sacred month of Ramadan. Ramadan fast most commonly comes during the summer season. All Muslim people fast begins approx 29 or 30 days before Eid Ul Fitr festival according to the Hijri calendar. Eid Ul Fitr celebrations begin after seeing Eid ka Chaand (moon) only one day before. Muslims in Goa celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr among the best destinations truly suits their taste. Muslim celebrates such a festive occasion with great pomp and enthusiasm. All Muslim communities enjoy together, give compliments and distribute sweets to their friends, relatives and colleagues etc.

All are much excited and interested in shopping or buying new clothes and footwear to enjoy such a beautiful festive occasion comes once in a year. This is a significant festival brings them together by forgetting past conflicts and bad times they had. It offers a good start with a fresh and amazing feel among all acquaintances either it is your relative or friend. They plan to visit Goa with a big budget saving money to wonder at this beautiful and romantic destination that is popular for special celebrations with enough royal and luxury feel.

Ramadan doesn't come on any particular day, but it is performed in the ninth month of the Islamic year. All Muslim religious beliefs are based on holy ‘Quran’ Islamic rules and laws. Muslims girls, boys, men and woman celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr by getting invited to their close relatives and wearing new clothes. They wait for a pleasing event with full of excitement distribute homemade sweets, gifts and visit holy place ‘Mosque’ to seek blessings of Allah. Muslim men most commonly appear in white garments symbolizes purity of heart and mortification. They distribute dry fruits with sheer among their neighbors. On this day, every Muslim man and woman offers a special prayer 'Do Rakat Namaz' with alms distributed among the poor and wish for the peace of their heavenly ancestors. It is described in the holy ‘Quran’ giving charity is considered an auspicious practicised by Muslims. An eid-ul-fitr festive meal is really very delicious and lip-smacking including a huge variety of homemade sweets, spicy food and sheer kurma etc. The most favorite sweet dish is vermicelli eaten during the Eid festival made from a blend of sweet and milk along with mixed dry fruits.

Muslim people also reside in the Goa famous city who conduct 29 to 30 days hard, fast every year comes in the summer season. When it comes to adoring Allah there are a number of holy big famous mosques you can go for Jama Masjid - Sanguim Taluka, Safa Masjid, Surla village, Namazgah, Ponda, Surla Taar Mosque to seek peace and prosperity. Don’t miss Eid-Ul-Fitr in Goa for great pleasant experience with colorful celebrations.

Eid Ul Fitr Date & Day:-

2025 Festival Date: 31 March - Monday

2024 Festival Date: 10 April - Wednesday

2023 Festival Date: 21 April - Friday

2022 Festival Date: 2 May - Monday

2021 Festival Date: 13 May - Thursday

2020 Festival Date: 24 May - Sunday

2019 Festival Date: 4 June - Tuesday

2018 Festival Date: 15 June - Friday

2017 Festival Date: 25 June - Sunday

Importance : Day the end of Ramadan fasting

Type : Muslim Religion Main Festival

Frequency: Annual