Heritage house

Salvador Costa Mansion, South Goa

Salvador Costa mansion is a heritage houses which is a famous Portuguese colonization period architecture landmar. This house was built in 19th century. Visitors can see these heritages house on special request directly from owner. This heritage house was built by Padre Pedrinho and Padre Laurence two rich siblings. Basically this house architecture style is European. Loutolim village also has many other big old heritage houses which spread more than 1 kilometers redius. Tourists can easily access from Margaon city by taxi, bike and by bus.

Salvador Costa Mansion which is one of the heritage buildings and the constant reminder of the Portuguese rule who took Goa under their stride for around 450 years. With Indian Army taking Goa in 1961 still many of the Anglo Indians still rule the heart in this State. The significant number of the Goans are said to be Christians and their are many famous architecture in this state including the Salvador Costa Mansion. If one talks about the architectural style of this villas and with the blend of Indian and Portuguese styles it can be said to be the heritage mansions which is one of the most visited sites.

With Old being the main thought still the word has regained its charm with all those beauty attached to it the mansions have given the Salvador Da Costa Mansion with a village called Loutulim in South Goa and the small and beautiful village and with Salcette Taluka of South Goa district with rolling greens all around with Zuari river which flows nearby. The architect of this building was with Padre Pedrinho and Padre Laurence which is built with the single storey mansion in the 19th Century. The Gothic style windows along with the clustered mansion has a very elegant mansion look and the opposite house which is more or less abandoned and with the very style of the 1983 “Rebecca Novel” and mansion with high-rise plinth along with porch which is just as lovely as a practical house with less opulence.

Many of the other buildings which are found to be scattered in Goa and the Portuguese influence in their architecture with also European influence with few other interesting and colorful building some of them are converted into Government Offices and in Government records the Salvador Costa Mansion is termed as Heritage Building.

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Visit Information:-

Location: Loutolim Village, South Goa

Nearest Bus Stop: Loutolim Village

Nearest Railway Station: Margao (10 KM)

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 21.0 KM

Panjim City: 27.4 KM

Madgaon City: 11.4 KM