Handicraft Centre

Handicraft Centres, Goa

Goa has several handcrafts centres where people visit items also can purchase. These handcrafts also have local people made along with foreign countries related. Handcraft cantre has clothes; house used items and metal made handcrafts.

The Handicraft centre. Goa is one of the establishment by the Government of Goa undertaking and it is registered under the companies act 1956. One of the main objective behind the establishment of the handicraft centre is to manufacture, sell the handloom and textile products. The rural and cottage industries have become a significant one and giving support through any Government channels make it a big beneficiary as the prices for all the articles are given on the market basis and thee is no requirement of middleman for selling or making products. The all sorts of marketing facilities are given to the artisans and the handicraft makers along with encouragement to undertake and provide all the sorts of goods and services through proper channels so as there should be no exploitation behind and they should work efficiently.The corporation provides all the impetus on Small scale industries through the PPS or the rate contract scheme and even the bigger materials such as Electrical conductors, RCC pipes, Chemicals, Steel furniture and wooden furniture which are also manufactured under the aegis of same cottage based industries get the all kinds of support in terms of discounts and offers to get profit and thus cost is maintained for running efficient services.

With not only the emporiums in Goa but as many as 10 state based centre including one at Delhi sells and promotes the goods and thus manage the handicrafts made by artisan and thus providing a source of income to the artists. The GHRSSIDC runs under an annual rate contract basis and is a bearer of Coal to small and medium based enterprise thus giving all kinds of corporate deals to companies like Steel Authority of India Limited, Essar, Jindal Steel Works etc and subsequently helps the Government as well as the corporation employees to reap benefits.

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