Goa climate

Climate & Weather, Goa

Goa Weather is one of the finest as it has the best of the monsoon season which attracts many tourists from all over the world. The region is known as Konkan and has many hills along with waterfalls and with the sea coast the state has tropical and monsoon climate together making it one of the most bountiful state in the Indian Territory. The Deccan highlands of the Karnataka along with Maharashtra flank the state by both sides. The Goa is also having 7 major rivers which helps to create the atmospheric pressure for helping monsoon to run for a long time and in the remaining month the weather is always humid due to which their is much of the mist and perspiration in the air thus neutralizing the effect of summers and giving the cold weather to get less effect as the heavy water drops do not allow for the weather to get too cold thus helping the tourist to enjoy the moderate climate throughout the year. The river estuaries turn to the harbour and the River Zuari is one of the best natural harbour in South Asia.

As compared to other states in the country the Goa has three major season while the others have four season. The month of May is hottest and the day temperatures are over 35 Degree Celsius which is generally with high humidity. The state’s three seasons are Southwest monsoon period ( June-September). post-Monsoon period ( October-January) and the most fair weather period ( February-may). The average rainfall is above 90% of the annual rainfall which is approximately with receiving the monsoon season in it’s fullest. The rainfall is the most scintillating season and with large number of mangrove forests along with the national parks it gives the feeling of a state which is full of resorts everywhere.

The quantity of rainfall which makes it distinguished with one season from the other and the precipitation is almost non-existent throughout the rest of the year. The climate of the Goa is influenced by the Arabian Sea which is the main reason to give the variations between the inland areas and the coastal areas. If the coastal area is full of cool breeze blowing and lifting up the spirits as the beer and the booze flows throughout the weather inland is very hotter and also it is cooler by night as the mountain with higher regions helps in experiencing cooler temperatures as the highest mountain region is 1,167 meters.

Seasonal Distribution:

Pre-monsoon period : February, March, April & May.

Monsoon period (Rainy): June, July, August & September.

post-monsoon period : October, November, December & January.

Goa Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 19.6 20.5 23.2 25.6 26.3 24.7 24.1 24.0 23.8 23.8 22.3 20.6
Average High (℃) 31.6 31.5 32.0 33.0 33.0 30.3 28.9 28.8 29.5 31.6 32.8 32.4