Goa State Museum, Panjim

Goa state museum was established in 1996. The Museum has nearly 8,000 historical articles to display which includes stone, wooden, rare coins, carvings, bronzes and paintings related items.

Goa State Museum and is also known as the State Archaeology Museum and at the Panaji which contain the departments which includes about 8,000 artifacts and it includes stone sculptures with the wooden objects along with the carvings which is of bronze and the paintings with manuscripts with rare coins and the archaeological objects. Currently, with the culture and architecture still being the smallest state of Goa with its rich heritage, culture and the museum which has got the State best details and located at Adil Shah’s Palace with the EDC complex in Patto, Panaji is making way for the new museum buildings.

The museums which are better known for the fascination and the interest of public in these museums as it stands witness to the past with the rich heritage, culture and architecture which could be found here and the extensive collection of Indo-Portuguese Christian art along with historical exhibits showcase the fact that it houses centuries-old exhibits along with crafts by the locals Hindu artists. The exquisite displays includes sculptures along with ivory, statues, furniture and the precious metals with the paintings of yesteryear belonging to the Christian era along with the description of Portuguese lifestyle with the fusion of Goan culture makes it the primary visiting place for many of the contemporary art lovers.

Unlike, the other museums where much of the depiction is about the warheads and war materials along with ammunition the Goa museum puts the various lifestyle structure based on agrarian economy. The collection of traditional farming tools with the altarpieces along with kitchen utensils and the musical instruments makes it a spectacular collection of traditional farming tools with making it one of the India’s topmost contemporary art museum and thus giving the palanquins and food culture to grow with aplomb in the mind of people.

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Visit Information:-

Location:: Panjim, North Goa

Nearest Bus Stop: Kadamba Bus Terminus

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 27.4KM

Panaji City: 3.2KM

Margaon City: 32.7KM