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Goa Medical Colleges and Hospitals

Goa Medical services is one of the oldest one as with the help of the Goa medical College which got established in 1691 along with the health services and medical education with research in education gives it a bigger name in the medical services and allied industries. The college maintains the highest standards of medical education to all sections of the society.The organic unit of the institution with Goa University being the parent institution it makes one of the most traditional services which is medical to give best possible services to the state with the Motto in English being “Truth is Eternal and Beautiful”. Apart from the Goa Medical College Hospital, the various other medical units are The Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour ( Bambolim), The TB and Chest Disease Hospital (St. Inez) along with The Rural Health and Training Centre ( Mandur) and The Urban Health Centre ( St. Cruz) which is a part of the establishment. The Medical College which helps in striving with excellence in terms of patient care and with instrumental in training with the number of medical professionals which provides great medical services to the people in Goa and abroad and the state maintains the highest standards of medical education along with conforming the guidelines laid down by the Indian Medical Association.

Goa is a smallest state of the India which has only two districts north and south Goa. It has many hospital and medical colleges. Some most famous hospitals are the following.

Goa State Main Hospital:- Goa Medical College and Hospital

Location:- Bambolim, North Goa