Gitanjali Art Gallery

Gitanjali Art Gallery, Panjim

Gitanjali Art Gallery is a good place to spare time enjoy. It is the oldest art gallery of the Goa state. People can visit here different artists painting or other articles. It is also a nice place to improvement their art knowledge. It is located in Pajim city capital of the Goa. This art galleries it the part of the heritage hotel (Panjim Inn) which is located just opposite.

Gitanjali Art Gallery, Goa is one of the organizations which is an in-house to the Panjim Inn and the Panjim’s people original work is provided to them. The spilling across the corridors and all in the public areas which is even extended to guest rooms makes it the paintings hung across the white walls of the verandah circling all around the Tulus. The painters on the exhibit are some of the big names in industry such as Vamona Navelcar, Suhas Shilker, Mohan Naik, Praveen Naik, Sadguru and Vineeta Chendvankar. The locally acclaimed artisans are well known overseas along with the successful shows which are found at the work gallery and it makes the gallery abstract and realistic in color and oil which includes collages and landscapes.

The gallery exhibits a large number of selection of the Scandinivian art from the 50’s to the 60’s which includes lithographs, serigraphs, linocuts and woodcuts with etchings. If one see all the work done by Gitanjali Art, Gallery, Goa over the years and it helps in getting evolved into a central cultural space which offers alternative art studio along with cafe and conference or the workshops which the Gitanjali art gallery hosts including several other events and workshops all throughout the year. The gallery has made the art and history one of the prominent ways to promote culture and the alternative art studio which envisions a space for the people to browse through books and play board-games which enjoys an espresso amidst the inspirational world of art.

The ‘Aangan’ at the ‘Pousala’ which offers a studio for alternative art where courses are facilitated with on the art of ‘seeing’ and expressing on the canvas and with the paper which employs avant-grade methodologies makes it one of the bigger organization helping the artists and exhibits to fulfill their needs of money and self-respect which is much needed these days.

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Visit Information:-

Location: Panjim City, North Goa

Nearest Bus Stop: HS Bust Stand

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 26.0 KM

Panaji City: 1.2 KM

Margaon City: 34.8 KM