Dussehra (Vijayadashami) Festival, Goa

Vijayadashami or Dasara or Dussehra is famous festival of the Hindu religion people. This celebrates on the day of victory of the Lord Rama over Ravana. It is Hindu religion people festival which celebrate from first day of the Ram Lila along (Lord Rama Life's Most important activities) with Navratri (Durga Poja). Lord Rama and Navratri poja celebrate for nine days and 10th day celebrates Vijayadashami festival. Lots of people fast and daily puja to Durga goddess for 9 days and Hindu religon people not eat non vegitarian food for navratri 9 days. 10th day of the Rama Lila called Dussehra. People celebrate nine days fast which called Navratri which dedicated to goddess Durga. This festival comes in September or October month every year.

Hindu religion most important festival Diwali come just 30 day after Dussehra festival.

Vijayadashami festival is also dedicated to Goddess Durga because Goddess Durga was victory over Mahishasura on this day.

Goa state people celebrate Vijayadashami festival every year which festival dedicated to Lord Rama and Goddess Durga. Peoplple fast to durga puja and celebrate Ram Lila daily activities for 9 days. On 10th day people wear new clothes and go to park or open space and lite fire to Ravana, Kumbkaran and Meghnad dummy statues.

Dussehra Date & Day:-

2025 Dussehra Festival Date: Wednesday, 1 October

2024 Dussehra Festival Date: Saturday, 12 October

2023 Dussehra Festival Date: Monday, 23 October

2022 Dussehra Festival Date: Tuesday, 4 October

2021 Dussehra Festival Date: Thursday, 14 October

2020 Dussehra Festival Date: Sunday, 25 October

2019 Dussehra Festival Date: Tuesday, 8 October

2018 Dussehra Festival Date: Friday, 19 October

2017 Dussehra Festival Date: Saturday, 30 September

Importance : Burning of Ravana

Type : Hindu Religion Festival

Frequency: Annual