Diwali Festival, Goa

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the most important Hindu religion blissful festive occasion celebrated in India. This is the time of getting joy and enjoy such a big festival with lots of pomp and show. Goa is the perfect destination where Christians are the predominant residents where you can enjoy Diwali celebrations. It is most commonly comes in a month of October. Neither weather is hot nor cold everyone enjoys a lot. Diwali is also known as Deepavali or the festival of lights because all the houses are decorated with colorful lights what brings a good charm feel to the Indian heart. On the Diwali festive occasion, most of the people wear new clothes, distribute sweets and light crackers together.

Diwali is a symbol of the victory of good over evil or the victory of illumination over the darkness. It is a winsome and cheerful celebration in the returning of Lord Rama to home in Ayodhya with his cutest and sweet wife Sita and loving brother Lakshmana after beating devil king Ravana (this entire story is mentioned in the Hindu holy scripture Ramayana). It is believed that the residents of Ayodhya lit oil lamps along the way to light up the path of Lord Rama as he returned home victorious. In another version, Diwali is celebrated to mark the fall of the evil king Narkasur.

An entire Diwali celebrations are exclusively in the returning of Shri Ram, all the Ayodhya residents lit oil lamps in the path of Lord Ram as he returned after victory over evil. Diwali is a big day celebrated with unforgettable enjoyments and fun-loving moments which fill brightness in the human life too.

But Goa is the perfect destination for Diwali celebrations if you stay at a luxury five-star hotels with front and back picturesque scenes wins the heart of Indians. Firecrackers big sound adds extra fun and joy during celebration with lightening decorations of the house and temples are visited for prayers to seek blessings for good luck and prosperity. When it comes to the business sphere, Diwali most favorite festive occasion is considered as an auspicious start of the new financial year. Every Indian seeks blessings of Goddess Laxmi for peace, wealth and prosperity.

In the wonderful Goa statue of Narkasura giant are made and burnt as an evil to establish goodness. Diwali night is adorned like a bride with millions of colorful candle lights and handmade lantern lights are hanging at all around the house. The little children also lit firecrackers to make a big sound or enlighten shinning of Diwali celebrations in Goa.

Narak Chaturdasi is also known as Diwali festive event in Goa. During Diwali celebrations, all the people assemble and carry a paper made Narkasur devil is loaded with grass, garbage and crackers that is carried out to burn at dawn among the crowd. Then all families visit the famous gorgeous temple in Goa to adore their God and Goddesses and return their home to a grand feast ‘Foav’ sweets.


2025 Festival Date: Tuesday, 21 October

2024 Festival Date: Friday, 1 November

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 12 November

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 24 October

2021 Festival Date: Thursday, 4 November

2020 Festival Date: Saturday, 14 November

2019 Festival Date:Sunday, 27 October

2018 Festival Date:Wednesday, 7 November

2017 Festival Date:Thursday, 19 October

Importance : Lighting, fireworks, home decoration and shopping.

Type : Hindu Religion the Most Important Festival.

Frequency: Annual