Coconut Tree Crop, Goa

Goa is a land of beauty and blissfulness and to add it the humble coconut is there whether in the form of drink or sweet dish and many other ways to help in the form of cash crop. The coconut is one of the more important aspect in many of the Hindu religious rituals and it gives an understanding that the way the coconut is it can be said that the upper crest is hard and beneath it the coconut has more of nutritious value in the form of milk and the fruits which gives more as the best plants and is termed as “Kalptaru” in the coastal area that produces much for the farmers.

The Coconut is primarily a tree of palm family and it refers to the whole coconut palm which is known for the versatility of uses, ranging from food to cosmetics. The coconut has one prominent characteristics that it grows better in the coastal areas that on the fertile soil a tall coconut palm tree yields up to 75 fruits per year. The growth of the coconut plam produces fruit in six to ten years and the peak production reaches 15 to 20 years. The coconut palm thrives on sandy soils along with a highly tolerant of salinity with abundant sunlight and regular rainfall with the main limiting daily temperature above 12-13 Degree Celsius.

It can be said that Coconut trees are native to Goa and some of the towns are fronds and thus it creates an old traditional part which is almost vanished these days. The Coconut Trees is one of the main with the earlier dawn of civilization and it is the palm tree which has the following tips and proper management practices with many coir boards in the name of Coconut. With the good for immune system the coconut water and the milk giving the person the most beautiful product making it a major economic enhancer product with use of including leaves, wood and fruits.

The selection of quality in terms of coconut seedlings is another important task before any kind of plantings is done. The selection should be made on coconut plants with sprouted earlier in the nursery bed and vigorous growth with good nutrition added to the soil enhances the quality of the soil. The Coconut has good anti-ageing properties with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal along with anti-parasite makes it best of the fruit with flavor of its own.

Location : Bardez, Bicholim, Pernem, Ponda, Sattari, Tiswadi, Dharbandora, Canacona, Mormugao, Salcette, Sanguem and Quepem.

Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 20.2 20.2 24.6 24.6 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 23.8 21.6 21.6
Average High (℃) 31.8 31.8 32.6 32.6 30.3 30.3 30.3 30.3 30.3 31.7 32.8 32.8