Christmas Festival, Goa

Goa is a very beautiful and small state on the western coast of India. Even Goa has known as a historical Indian state played a great role being a grandiose state. Being one of the most charming and tourist place it continuously under transformation in various spheres of its cultural and natural views. It is extremely influential and incredible to leave a good impression of the big day event celebrations, especially when its an exciting Christmas festive occasion. Christmas is a great festive occasion celebrated with lots of cheerful celebrations around the world. When it comes to Goa destination cutting interruptions for special, joyful celebrations to get extra fun and amusement. Goa comprises over 400 churches depending on your choice which you would like to prefer big or small for Christmas special. Well, Goa is the perfect location cherish the mood Christians who like to enjoy their special festive occasion here. It is the best place to enjoy such a pleasant festive event to make it memorable forever surely a vast population of Christians join Goa destination to participate in celebrations.

Fall in love for first time visit at the Goa destination if you are a crazy beach lover. Christmas celebrations generally begin about 10 pm thus, get enough relax, then let others participate in reciting holy hymns and carols to seek blessings from God.

This is one of the most favorite and big festive ceremony among Christians when it's a time exclusively for celebrations with lots of preparations and arrangements. This begins with shopping new clothes and gift items for loved ones to bring a cute smile on his or her face by gifting something special. During Christmas celebrations, all the Churches are decorated with lots of colorful decor items to cherish mood of all over participants. The most special Christmas trees shine like stars and enlighten every corner of the church, however, some of them wears Christmas clothes and similarly decorate a tree with beautiful glittering lights inside their houses. Although cheerful and winsome celebrations start from Christmas Eve along with the melodious sound of music. What a pleasant event with a lip-smacking smell of baking cakes and pastries where everyone is lost in holy prayer verses with a sweet music sound. This adds a nice pretty touch to a pleasant event having a dance together for getting enjoy creating a fun-loving long last memories.

Good Food In Goa

Food choice is all time favorite and delicious, but during Christmas celebrations treat with traditional old-time dinner including some of the lip-smacking new dishes available at a dinner table. You can book five-star restaurants at the nearest and dearest beach location in Goa for luxury and comfortable feel with an affordable price. Don’t forget to book your stay the most favorite Goa’s dessert, Bebinca truly so amazing and surprising. However, depending on your choice a good meal is served at a very fancy table.

Burning An Old Man

Christmas is absolutely a day of enjoying celebrations, but burning an old man is a tradition on New Year’ Eve to keep continue adhering old age beliefs. It is to exterminate last years evils & crises to come up with a fresh beginning in this new year.


2025 Festival Date: Thursday, 25 December

2024 Festival Date: Wednesday, 25 December

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 25 December

2022 Festival Date: Sunday, 25 December

2021 Festival Date: Saturday, 25 December

2020 Festival Date: Friday, 25 December

2019 Festival Date:Wednesday, 25 December

2018 Festival Date: Tuesday, 25 December

2017 Festival Date:Monday, 25 December

Importance : Birthday of the Jesus Christ.

Type : Christian Religion Main Festival.

Frequency: Annual