Japan Holiday to Todaiji Temple Nara Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 26-June-2021

About Todaiji Temple Nara: Todaiji Buddhist temple is located in Nara city of the Japan country which is only 32 KM distance from Osaka city. the Todaiji temple is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. the temple was built in Early of the 8th century.

Osaka is a beautiful and advanced developed city which is just 32 KM distance from Nara pilgrimage city. Osaka is also the second largest populated and economy hub of the Japan country. The Osaka city is well connected with all over world via air and water transport while domestic tourists also can come via road and train transport.

How Can Reach to Todaiji Temple Nara Destination: it is well connected via road transport and train transport from Osaka and Tokyo city. Its nearest major Kansai airport is just 75 KM distance.

By Air Transport: Kansai International Airport it is a second busiest international airport which is just 74.7 KM distance from Nara city. Kansai International Airport is well connected with lots of foreign countries direct.

By Train Transport: Shin-Osaka Station is just 37 KM distance from Nara city where tourists can get bullet trains to other major cities like Tokyo, Hirishima, Niigata, Hokuto etc.

By Road Transport: Nara city is well connected with other places of the Japan country via modern road transport system. Todaiji Temple is just 32.0 KM distance from Osaka city, Tokyo city is just 478.5 KM far, Kyoto city is just 45.4 KM distance, Nagoya city is just 157.6 KM far, Hiroshima city is exact 363.2 KM far.

Things to Do in Todaiji Temple Nara: it is a good destination to enjoy lots of activities such as prayer in temple, watch Japanese people cultural and festival activities, eat Japanese foods, spend vacation in Osaka city which is the second largest economy hub of the Japan country.

Tourists attractions in Todaiji Temple Nara: There are several places in Nara city to visit such as the following.

Attractions in Todaiji Temple Nara: Great Buddha Hall, Statue of Binzuru-sonja, National Treasure Octagonal Lantern, Todai-ji purifying water basin, Koyasu Shrine, Karakuni Shrine, Todai-ji Totoin-ato, Kagamiike, Todaiji Museum, Shosoin Shoso Repository etc.

Other Attractions in Nara city: Hinode Shrine, Mausoleum of Emperor Shōmu, International Hall - Nara Prefecture Cultural Hall, Nara National Museum, Irie Taikichi Memorial Museum of Photography Nara City, Naramachi museum, Nara Craft Museum etc. Japan tour holiday is a good idea to watch historical pilgrimage in Japan country such as Todaiji Temple Nara.

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