Japan Holiday to Shikitsumatsunomiya Osaka Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 10-Oct-2022

About Shikitsumatsunomiya Shinto shrine Osaka Destination: Shikitsumatsunomiya is a famous Shinto shrine temple which is located in Osaka port city of the Japan country where come lots of people to prayer.

How Can Reach to Shikitsumatsunomiya Shinto shrine Osaka: It is situated in Osaka port city of the Japan country. Osaka city is well connected to all over world via air and water transport.

By Air Transport: Osaka International (Itami) Airport is the main international airport of the city where people can get flights to other domestic places along with other foreign countries.

By train Transport: Shin-Osaka Station - Travel Terminals is the nearest main railway junction where passengers can get trains to other Japanese all destinations.

Things to Do near of Shikitsumatsunomiya Shinto shrine Osaka: people can do several things to do in Osaka port city which some adventure and recreations types such as Prayer in Shinto shrine temples, watch Osaka port city's famous museums, watch Osaka city's modern and historical buildings & monuments, enjoy water sports into city's Rivers and on beaches, explore local Japanese people social and culture activities, spend time at city parks, water parks & amusement parks, eat Japanese local street delicious foods, shopping Japan memorable gifts etc.

Tourists attractions near of Shikitsumatsunomiya Shinto shrine Osaka: Passengers can watch lots of famous places in Osaka port city which some are the following.

Attractions near Shikitsumatsunomiya Shinto shrine: Dr Nobuo Orihigi Teacher's Monument - Historical landmark, Torii - Shinto shrine, Kusunokiinarisha - Shinto shrine, Hakuryumyo Shrine - Shinto shrine, Izakaya Nam Daikokucho - Izakaya restaurant, Restaurant Payal Indian Cuisine, Cafe Olu Olu - Restaurant, Coco Chimac - Chicken restaurant, Daikokucho Station - Subway station, FamilyMart MYS Daikokucho Station - Convenience store etc.

Other attractions in Osaka port city: Takagishi Park - City park, Kamomemachi Park, Nanbashiokusashikitsu Park, Naniwa Koen Ya Baseball Field, Former town name succession monument "Nishi-Kanda-cho", Healthy spa Tateba - Super public bath, Naniwa Kumin Center, Namba Grand Kagetsu - Performing arts theater, Tsutenkaku, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts - Art museum, Shitenno-ji Homotsukan (Treasure Hall) - Museum, Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum - Art museum, Osaka Ukiyoe Museum - Art museum, Tezukayama Gallery - Art gallery, National Bunraku Theatre - Performing arts theater, Osaka Ikuno Korea Town - Business park etc. Japan holiday tour is a good idea to Shikitsumatsunomiya Shinto shrine trip which is situated in Osaka port city of the Japan country.

Switzerland holiday tour ; Europe holiday tour is a good idea to Frankfurt city trip which is located in Germany country, Europe. Frankfurt is a modern city of the Europe which is located on bank of the River Main which is also he life life of the city to supply drinking water. Frankfurt is planned city where has several options to enjoy holiday such as parks, water parks, amusement parks, historical monuments, modern building and many more.

Frankfurt city some famous places to visit are Frankfurter Romer - City or town hall, Zoo Frankfurt, Tropicarium - Botanical garden, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main Science Garden, Boulderwelt - Rock climbing gym, Deutsche Bank Park, Stadion am Bieberer Berg, Sportanlage Rosenhohe - Sports complex, Aussichtsplattform Zeppelinheim - Observation deck, Aussichtspunkt an der Landebahn Nordwest (Spotterpoint), Stangenpyramide, Rhein-Main-Therme GmbH & Co.KG - Water park, Skulpturenpark Niederhochstadt - Park, Nabu Natur- und Vogel-Schutzgebiet - Garden, OBI Markt Offenbach - Home improvement store etc.