Japan Holiday to Sakai City Osaka Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 26-Sept-2022

About Sakai City Osaka Destination: Sakai City is a suburb of the Osaka port city in Japan country which is also a coastal city where has several modern places to send time and to explore local Japanese people modern life style.

How Can Reach to Sakai City Osaka: It is a part of the Osaka commercial port city in Japan country where passengers can come via air and water transport from all over world.

By Air Transport: Its near has total three international airports which names are Osaka International (Itami) Airport, Kobe International Airport and Kansai International Airport.

By train Transport: Mikunigaoka Station - Train station is a nearest busy railway station where people can get trains to local places.

Things to Do near of Sakai City Osaka: people can do several things to do in Osaka port city which some are watch ship / ferry transport services in Osaka port city which is the second busiest international seaport of the Japan country. enjoy water sports on ports beaches like boating, water scooter riding, fishing, swimming, ferry riding, ship riding, watch port city's modern building infrastructure, watch city's famous museums like history and art types, explore local people modern and culture life style etc.

Tourists attractions near of Sakai City Osaka: Osaka is a port city where has several famous places to visit which some are the following.

Attractions near Sakai City: Harvest Hill - Park, Sakaishizen Fureai no Mori Park, Shimoike - Nature preserve, Hishikishimonoike Park, Kusabeimaike Park, Hamadera Park, Hamadera Funaodai 1 Park, Hagoromo Swan Park, Daisen Park, Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko - Museum, Minato Sakai Green Square - Park, J-GREEN SAKAI - Sports complex, Oizumi Ryokuchi Park, Super Viva Home Mihara Minami Inter - Home improvement store, Furenaino Sato Squirrel Garden, Sakai City Hall, Old Sakai Lighthouse etc.

Other attractions in Osaka port city: Observatory Lobby, MOVIX Sakai - Movie theater, Umi to no Fureai Hiroba - Park, Kamome Bridge, Osaka Nanko fishing Gardens, Nanko Uminomachi Park, Nanko Hananomachi Park, Minamitsumori Sakura Park Sports Square, Glion Showroom - Museum, Maishima Ryokuchi Park, Maishima Sports Island, Mount Tenpo - Mountain peak, The National Museum of Art - Modern art museum, Koji Kinutani Tenku Art Museum, Kitaumedakokaka Museum, Osaka Castle - Museum, Yodogawa River Park Nishi-Nakajima area - Park, Ezaki Glico Museum, Waterworks Memorial Museum - Technology museum etc. Japan tour trip is a well idea to Sakai City trip which is placed in suburb of the Osaka commercial port city in Japan country.

Switzerland tour trip ; Europe tour trip is a good idea to Munich city holiday which is located in southern of the Germany country. Munich is a modern city and also the largest populated and economy hub of the south Germany where tourists can explore several famous places and local people social and culture activities. Munich city is situated on bank of the River Isar and near of the city also has three big lakes which names are Ammersee lake, Starnberger See lake and Westbecken lake.

Munich city has several modern and historical places which some are Nymphenburg Palace - Castle, Palais Montgelas - Historical landmark, MVG Museum, Museum of Man and Nature - Natural history museum, Munich Museum of Egyptian Art - Art museum, Museum Five Continents - Ethnographic museum, Museum fur Abgusse Klassischer Bildwerke Munchen - Sculpture museum, Olympia-Einkaufszentrum - Shopping mall, Pflanzen-Kolle Gartencenter GmbH & Co. KG Munchen - Garden center, Hellabrunn Zoo, Bavaria Filmstadt - Theme park, Walderlebniszentrum Grunwald - Natural history museum etc.