Switzerland Holiday to Ruinaulta Grand Canyon Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 20-Feb-2021

About Ruinaulta Grand Canyon Destination: Ruinaulta is a famous tourist destination in Switzerland which is located just 16 KM distance from Snowpark NoName Ski Resort and Laax Ski Resort. It is good places to enjoy adventure activities like white water rafting in Vorderrhein River, trekking, hiking and skiing adventure in winter season.

How can reach to Ruinaulta Grand Canyon: Ruinaulta is a famous tour adventure place in Swiss country which is well connected via road and train transport to other Swiss cities. Helicopter services is also available from major cities to Laax Ski Resort and Snowpark NoName Ski Resort.

Train Transport: Versam Safien is the nearest railway station which is exact 0.5 KM far from Ruinaulta. Travelers can get here trains to Zurich, Lucerne, Bern capital, Geneva and other cities.

Road Transport: Stradun Road - 19 connects Ruinaulta to other cities of the Swiss. Ruinaulta is just 16.2 KM distance from Laax Ski Resort. Ruinaulta is just 142.1 KM distance from Zurich city. Bern capital city is exact 264 KM far, Geneva city is just 419 KM distance, Lucerne city is exact 165.1 KM distance and St Gallen is just 126.1 KM far.

Flights Transport: Zurich international airport is the busiest airport of the Switzerland country which is exact 167.6 LKM distance from Ruinaulta tourist destination. People can get flights here to mostly foreign countries along with Swiss domestic main cities.

Things to do in Ruinaulta Grand Canyon: people can do many adventure and enjoyment activities near of the Ruinaulta Grand Canyon such as white water rafting adventure in summer season, swimming, fishing, hiking, skiing adventure in winter season, eat Swiss local foods, shopping etc.

Tourists attraction around of the Ruinaulta Grand Canyon: people can visit many natural places near of the Ruinaulta Grand Canyon which includes are the following.

Natural Places: Vorderrhein River, Gorges du Rhin, Rastplatz Auenwald Park, Burgruine Wackenau, Piz Fess Mountain peak, Piz Riein Mountain peak, SchlUechtli Mountain peak, Crest dil Cut Mountain peak, Pala da Tgiern Mountain peak, Fil da Rueun Mountain peak, Crap Masegn Mountain peak, Vorab Mountain peak, Fil de Cassons Mountain peak, Laaxer StOckli Mountain peak etc.

Man Made Places: Isla Bella Brucke, Chrummwag Tunnel, Islabord, Snowpark NoName Ski Resort, LAAX Ski Resort, Parkplatz mit Aussicht zur Rheinschlucht, Zault & Il spir - Observation deck, Versam Safien Train station, Hangebrucke Punt Ruinaulta - Bridge etc. Switzerland Travel Holiday is a good idea to spend vacation in Swiss country to do adventure at Ruinaulta Grand Canyon.

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