Rehetobel Town Switzerland Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 19-April-2022

About Rehetobel village / town destination: Rehetobel village / town is placed in eastern of the Switzerland country. Rehetobel is a beautiful village / town which is located inside of the snow capped mountains, forest and which ones sides also has clean water lake. Rehetobel village / town is just 12.2 KM distance from St. Gallen city which is a nearest major city where are available several types facilities. Rehetobel is a good destination in Switzerland country to explore Swiss country nature and modern life activities.

Rehetobel village / town is well connected to other Swiss domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. Rehetobel village / town is exact 12.2 KM distance from St. Gallen, Zurich business city is just 96.9 KM distance, Lucerne city is exact 156.2 KM distance, Basel border city is just 180.9 KM distance, Bern capital city is exact 215.0 KM distance, Geneva international city is just 370.5 KM distance.

Switzerland is a very beautiful country of the Europe region which is located in central Europe. Switzerland country southern parts remains covered by snow full year and northern parts has green land to agriculture and normal living purpose. Switzerland is the most nature beautiful country of the Europe region which is also famous in all over world about honeymoon destination. Lots of couples come to Swiss country in summer season when weather remains good to itinerary purpose to explore its people modern life style, watch nature water lakes, glaciers, rivers, forest, meadows and many more. Switzerland vacation tour and UK London vacation tour .

How can come to Rehetobel village / town: Rehetobel town nearest major city is St. Gallen which is only 12 KM distance which is also a base city destination to transport to other Swiss domestic places and other European countries. some KM distance from the town also has regional airport which connects town to other domestic places and some European countries.

St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport: St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport is a small international airport where people can get flights to other European countries and Swiss domestic places.

St. Gallen St. Fiden - Train station: St. Gallen St. Fiden is the central railway station of the St. Gallen city where people can get trains to other European countries and domestic places also.

Rehetobel village / town tourists attractions: Rehetobel town has several modern places and nature places to visit which some are Velomuseum Rehetobel - Museum, Loipe Heiden-Langenegg - Ski resort, Gesundheitsweg - Hiking area, Kaien - Mountain peak, Migros Supermarkt - Grocery store, Skilift Oberegg St. Anton AG Talstation - Ski resort, Skilift Grub-Kaien - Ski resort, Soma Sound Sculptures - Musical instrument manufacturer, Kirche Rehetobel - Church, VOLG Rehetobel - Supermarket etc.

Rehetobel village / town famous Restaurants & accommodations: Rehetobel town has some hotels accommodations while much hotels are available in St. Gallen city. Rehetobel town nearest restaurants are Restaurant Maria Bunita, Hirschen Wald GmbH - Gasthaus & Backerei, Bierhalle Schafli Wald - Bar, Restaurant Sonne, Gupf - Restaurant, Urwaldhaus – Wirtschaft zum Baren, Restaurant Hirschen, Restaurant St. Anton, Schnuggebock Restaurant, Gnuss Waldegg am Bach - mSwiss restaurant, Landgasthof Sternen etc.