Japan Holiday to Matsumoto Castle Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 29-May-2021

About Matsumoto Castle: Matsumoto Castle is a historical Castle which is placed just 69 KM distance from Nagano city in Japan country. It was built in 1594 by Shimadachi Sadanaga. It is a beautiful castle in Nagano Prefecture which is also listed as National Historic Site of Japan.

How Can Reach to Matsumoto Castle Destination: It is good connected with domestic cities via road, train and air transport. Tourists can get here flights direct from Tokyo and Osaka.

By Air Transport: Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport is a nearest airport which is exact 11.1 KM distance from Matsumoto Castle. It is a domestic airport where tourists can get flights to other main domestic cities.

By Train Transport: Matsumoto Station is the nearest railway station which is just 2.1 KM far. Tourists can get here trains to other cities like Tokyo and Osaka etc.

By Road Transport: It is well connected via road transport system. Japan country has modern road transport system with advanced technology. Matsumoto Castle is just 68.9 KM distance from Nagano city centre. Tokyo capital city is just 230.2 KM far, Osaka city is just 382 KM distance, Kyoto city is just 337 KM far, Niigata is just 269 KM distance, Hiroshima city is exact 691 KM far.

Things to Do in Matsumoto Castle: there are many options to things to do near of the Matsumoto Castle such as watch historical castle, watch museum, enjoy picnic in park, eat Japanese street foods, shopping castle memorable items, watch cherry blossoming tree in spring season, participate in cultural festivals etc.

Tourists attractions in Matsumoto Castle: travelers can visit many attractions in Matsumoto Castle and in Nagano prefecture like the following.

Castle attractions: Northwest Smaller Tower, Tsukimi turret, Matsumoto Castle Inner Moat, Matsumoto Castle Park, Matsumoto-jo Kuromon, Taikomon cornerstone, Taikomon, Sotobori, Mikadobashi, Daimyokoji Ido Well, Inariyashiro Shine, Matsumoto City Marugoto Museum Aoi no Baba etc.

Nagano other attractions: Joyama Park, Ekimae Memorial Park, Koboyama (Mt.Kobo), Shinshu Sky Park, Matsumoto Country Club, Matsumoto City Alps Park, Keshibozunoson Park, Utsukushigahara Open Air Museum, Toyoshina Modern Art Museum, Morinoouchi Picture Book Museum etc. Japan vacation holiday is a nice plan to Matsumoto Castle trip which is placed in Nagano prefecture, Japan country.

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