Machida City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 29-Aug-2022

About Machida City destination: Machida is a modern city which is a part of the greater Tokyo metropolitan city area. Machida city is placed between River Tama and River Sagami. Machida is well destination to explore Japanese local people modern life style.

Distance from Machida City: the city is good connected to other Japanese locations via air, water, road and train transport. Machida city is just 33.1 KM distance from Tokyo city centre, Sendai port city is just 404.2 KM distance, Niigata port city is exact 343.8 KM distance, Nagoya port city is just 322.8 KM distance, Osaka port city is just 472.6 KM distance, Okayama city is just 634.7 KM distance, Kitakyushu city is exact 995.2 KM distance.

Japan tour: It is good idea to enjoy holiday in Japan country which is a fully developed Asia region country. Japan country’s central capital city is Tokyo which is also the largest populated and economy hub of the country. Japan trip vacation , Switzerland trip vacation and Europe trip vacation .

How can come to Machida City: Machida city is good connected to other Japanese places via air transport, train transport, water transport and road transport. Machida city is also good connected to other overseas countries via air transport and water transport.

Air Transport: Haneda International airport is the main airport which also called Tokyo international airport where people can get air flights to all over world. It is the busiest International airport of the Japan country.

Water Transport: Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal is a main cruise ship / ferry harbour destination where people can get ferry / ship services to other foreign countries and Japan domestic places also.

Train Transport: Machida Station - Train station is a busy railway station where passengers can gt train transport to other Japanese domestic places. Japan country has excellent train transport network where also has bullet train which run more than 350 KM per hour.

Machida City tourists attractions: Machida is a suburb of the Tokyo city where also has some famous places to visit which some historical and some nature such as Snoopy Museum Tokyo, Serigaya Park - Nature preserve, Narusedaikita Park, Kanai Hachiman Children's Park, Shikisai no Mori Yakushiike Park, Kashinomi Park, Buaiso - Museum, Oyamada Ryokuchi Park, Oyamadairi Park, Koyamakannonyato Ryokuchi Park, Aihara Central Park, Hosei University Tama Campus, J. F. Oberlin University, Sugawara Shrine - Shinto shrine, Machida Yakushi-ike Park Shikisainomori Peony Garden, Nishiyama Museum - Art museum, Tamagawa University Education Museum - Local history museum etc.

Machida City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Machida city has several popular hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure. Machida city some popular restaurants are Gyukaku buffet Tamasakai - Yakiniku restaurant, Heijoenho Hashimototen - Yakiniku restaurant, Anrakutei Hachioji Yugi - Yakiniku restaurant, Kikyotei - Tonkatsu restaurant, Italian restaurant, GATO'S - Teppanyaki restaurant, Mamma Pasta - Italian restaurant, Kamakura Pasta - Italian restaurant, Kyushu Kamataki Tonkotsu Batten Ramen - Ramen restaurant, TGI FRIDAYS Machida - Restaurant, Machida Shoten Honten - Ramen restaurant, Imagawa Shokudo - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant etc.