Europe Holiday to Galeries Lafayette Paris Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 1-Aug-2022

About The Galeries Lafayette Paris Destination: Galeries Lafayette is a famous department store to buy branded clothing and other items which is also located in Paris city of the France country. the Galeries Lafayette has a chain which has several branches in all over world. Its first Branch was opened in Paris city in 1912.

How Can Reach to The Galeries Lafayette Paris: It is situated in Paris central capital city of the French country, Europe. Paris city is well connected to other European and French domestic destinations via air, road and train transport. Other countries passengers can come to Paris via air transport.

By Air Transport: Orly Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport are the main airport where people can get air flights to other foreign countries and French domestic places also.

By train Transport: Paris capital city has many busy railway station but Gare du Nord is the busiest railway station where people can get trains to other European countries and French other domestic destinations.

Things to Do near of The Galeries Lafayette Paris: passengers can do several different types things to do in Paris capital city which some adventure & recreation types such as passengers can buy different branded items in Galeries Lafayette departmental stores, watch Paris city top museums, watch city's historical monuments, watch Paris city's modern building infrastructure, enjoy boating into the River Seine, explore French local to local people modern daily life style, eat French local to local street foods, watch royal family historical Paris city's palace etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Galeries Lafayette Paris: There are several options in Paris city to spend time and visit historical and modern places such as the following.

Attractions near Galeries Lafayette Beaugrenelle Department store: Pathe Beaugrenelle - Movie theater, Le Scope Beaugrenelle - Restaurant, Haagen-Dazs - Ice cream shop, Laduree - Pastry shop, Sandro - Clothing store, Stand KOOKAI Beaugrenelle - Women's clothing store, IRO Paris - Clothing store, Indiana Cafe - Beaugrenelle - American restaurant, Cojean - Restaurant, Piscine Rene et Andre Mourlon - Public swimming pool, Front de Seine - Gym etc.

Other attractions in Paris capital city: Cerisiers Japonais - Garden, Pont de Grenelle - Bridge, Statue of Liberty Paris - Historical landmark, Pont Rouelle - Viaduct, L'ile Aux Cygnes - Park, Memorial rafle Vel d'hiv - Historical landmark, Grand Palais Ephemere - Cultural landmark, Les Invalides - Historical landmark, Eiffel Tower - Historical landmark, Carousel of the Eiffel Tower - Amusement park ride, Musee du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac - Museum, National Marine Museum, Homme Museum, Musée de l'Orangerie - Art museum, Place de la Concorde - Plaza, Grand Bassin Rond - Historical landmark, Sainte-Chapelle - Chapel etc. Switzerland holiday trip ; Europe holiday trip are well idea to Galeries Lafayette tour which is located in Paris city of the French country, Europe.

Japan holiday trip is a good plan to Miyako city tour which is located in Japan country. Miyako is a coastal city which is located in eastern coast of the japan country. Miyako is a good destination to explore Japan local people social and culture activities in modern period. Miyako city is located just 591.1 KM distance from Tokyo capital city. Miyako city is well connected to other Japanese domestic destination via air, water, road and train transport.

Miyako city has several popular destinations to visit which some nature and some man made such as Mt. Kabuto Myojin - Nature preserve, Mount Hayachine - Mountain peak, Shinsatoyamamura Hirobaya Baseball Field, Iwafuneyama Ryuo Fudo Waterfall, Kitagawa Mezawa Waterfall, Ryuo Falls, Prefectural Miyako Athletic Park Athletics Stadium, Yagisawa Miyakotandai Station, Jodogahama Beach, Blue Grotto, Kurosaki Shrine, Ohana Fishing Port, Tsukiyama Observatory, Aramaki beach, Takataki of Mt. Junijin, Kanazuka - Historical landmark, Miyako Commercial and Technical High School (Technical), Monument of Easternmost Point of Japan Mainland etc.