Foggia City Italy Europe Holiday Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 19-Dec-2022

About Foggia City destination: Foggia city is located in Italy country of the Italy country, Europe. Foggia is a historical city which is well destination to explore Italian local people culture and social activities in modern age.

Distance from Foggia City: Foggia is well connected to other Italian regional places via air, train, water and road transport. Foggia city is just 41.0 KM distance from Manfredonia coastal city, Beri harbour city is just 134.7 KM distance, Naples harbour city is just 174.3 KM distance, Rome capital city is just 382.6 KM far.

Italy tour: It is a nice idea to enjoy holiday in European country Italy which central capital city is Rome city. Italy is a famous historical country which has several historical places of the Roman Empire period. Rome is a top famous city of the Europe region. Europe trip holiday booking, Switzerland holiday trip and Japan holiday trip booking.

How can come to Foggia City: Foggia is a historical city which is located in Italy country which is good connected to other Italian native places and other European countries via air, train, road and water transport. Other countries travelers can come to Foggia city via water and air transport where also has domestic airport which nearest international airport and Seaport is situated in Beri harbour city.

Air Transport: Foggia Gino Lisa Airport is a domestic airport where people can get flights to other Italian domestic places where also can get passengers come flights to other European countries.

Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla is the nearest major international airport where passengers can get flights to other international countries. Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla is just 125.7 KM distance from Foggia city.

Water Transport: Manfredonia is a coastal city which is just 41.0 KM distance from Foggia city where people can get regional and to other European countries water transport services.

Train Transport: Foggia Travel Terminals is a main railway junction of the Foggia city where passengers can get train transport services to other Italian domestic places along with other European major cities.

Foggia City tourists attractions: Foggia city has several famous places to watch which some are Palazzo Dogana - Historical landmark, Civic Museum of Natural History - Science museum, Contemporanea Galleria D'Arte - Art gallery, Fiera Di Foggia - Exhibition and trade centre, Stadio Pino Zaccheria, Basilica Cattedrale di Foggia - Cathedral, Church of Saint John Baptist - Catholic church, Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie - Catholic church, Parco San Felice- Park, Centro Commerciale Mongolfiera - Shopping mall, Villa Comunale Karol Wojtyła - Park, Church of Saint Anne - Catholic church etc.

Foggia City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Foggia city has lots of modern accommodations to stay which some popular restaurants are Ristorante Pizzeria Cristallo - Restaurant, Pizzeria Al Punto Giusto - Pizza restaurant, Scagliozzi Polenta Fritta - Fast food restaurant, Ciciri e ttria - Restaurant, Fuori Squadro - Restaurant, Osteria La Giara - Restaurant, Trattoria Arcadia - Seafood restaurant, Trattoria Scurzett - Restaurant, Habanero Food & drink - Restaurant, Kaminetto - Restaurant, Hotel Up Museum - Wellness & Spa, Oriente Express - Braceria Borzettone - Restaurant etc.