Barasat City India Holiday Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 16-Jan-2023

About Barasat City destination: Barasat is a suburb city of the Kolkata city which is located just 26 KM distance from Kolkata city. Barasat comes in West Bengal state, India which is good connected to other India places via road, train and air transport. Barasat city is a well place to explore local Bengali people modern life style.

Distance from Barasat City: Barasat city is very well connected to other Indian places via air, train and road transport. Barasat city is exact 25.6 KM distance from Kolkata metropolitan city, Habra city is just 23.5 KM distance, Burdwan city is just 108.6 KM distance, Kharagpur city is just 150.8 KM distance, Bankura city is just 218.4 KM distance, Ranchi state capital city is just 416.4 KM distance and Patna state capital city is just 599.0 KM distance.

India tour: it is a nice idea to spend holiday south east Asia of the India country. India country major cities are Delhi city, Mumbai port and commercial city, Bangaluru state capital and commercial city, Chennai port city, Kolkata metropolitan city. India is a developing country which neighbour countries are Nepal country, Bhutan country, Bangladesh country, Myanmar country, China country and etc. India tour is a well idea to explore local people modern and social activities. Switzerland trip travel booking, Europe trip travel and Japan trip travel booking.

How can come to Barasat City: Barasat city is a suburb of the Kolkata metropolitan city in West Bengal state, India. Barasat city is well connected to other Indian places via air, train, water and road transport. Other countries passengers can come to Barasat city via Kolkata by air and water transport. Kolkata city has international airport and seaport to foreign countries transport.

Air Transport: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is the nearest main airport where passengers can get domestic and international both types flights. Barasat city is just 16.6 KM distance from Kolkata International Airport.

Water Transport: Haldia Port is the nearest Seaport where passengers can get domestic and international ferry / ship transport services. Haldia port is just 135.9 KM distance from Barasat city.

Train Transport: Barasat Train station is the main railway station of the city where passengers can get local trains to other Indian places. Its nearest major railway junction is situated in Howrah Kolkata city.

Barasat City tourists attractions: Barasat city also has some some popular places to visit such as Lali Cinema Hall - Movie theater, Sarama Cinema Hall - Movie theater, Suncity Mall - Shopping mall, Brainware University - Private university, BlueStone Jewellery Barasat, Star Mall - Shopping mall, Adamas University - Private university, Tutepara Playground, Barasat Avijan Playground, Noapara Children Park, Nandagarh Children Park, Kazipara Jagadighata Sporting Play Ground etc.

Barasat City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Barasat city also has some affordable types hotels to stay which main hotels are situated in Kolkata city. Barasat city some popular restaurants are Five Fingers Restaurant - Fast food restaurant, Big Kitchen - Restaurant,Amantran Hotel & Restaurant, LAL KITCHEN - Takeout restaurant, Lords Restaurant - Biryani restaurant, Annapurna Family Restaurant, Kathi Junction - Fast food restaurant, Go Go Multicuisine Restaurant, Take a break- Restaurant, Deep Hotel & Restaurant etc.