Arossim Beach Goa Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 25-Sept-2023

About Arossim Beach Goa Destination: Arossim Beach is a natural beautiful beaches which is placed in southern of the Goa state. Arossim Beach is just 17.5 KM distance from Vasco Da Gama port city. Arossim Beach is a nice destination to enjoy different types of the water sports on beach.

  • Arossim Beach Location: Cansaulim Town, South Goa.
  • Arossim Beach Address: Arossim, Cansaulim, Goa 403712.
  • Arossim Beach Lenght: 1.3 KM
  • Arossim Beach Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Arossim Beach Timings (Open Hours): 24 Hours.

How Can Reach to Arossim Beach Goa: It is located in southern of the Goa state in India. Goa is very well jointed to foreign countries via air and water transport where has international airports and seaport. People can come to Goa from other Indian regional places via air, train, water and road transport.

By Air Transport: Goa has total two international airports where people can get air flights to other international countries and Indian regional places.

By train Transport: Margaon city has central railway station of the Goa coastal state where passengers can get trains to other Indian regional places.

Things to Do near of Arossim Beach Goa: people can do several adventure and enjoyment activities in Goa coastal state which some are enjoy water sports on its natural beaches like swimming, fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, water scooter riding, wind surfing adventure etc. Spend time at city parks, water parks, theme parks, city zoo and its beaches. Eat local street sea foods on state beaches etc.

Tourists attractions near of Arossim Beach Goa: passengers can watch several natural and man made places in Goa coastal state which some are the following.

Attractions near Arossim Beach: Star fish beach shack, The Roseate Arossim - Resort hotel, Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Jc Jannat Bollywood Punjabi Band, sanlin Bar And restaurant, Safe Home Stay, Sensory wines @ eco family bar and restaurant, Dream avenue, Sensory Wines - Restaurant, Treehouse Nova - 3-star hotel, St Lawrence Chapel, Corsons homestay (accommodation) etc.

Other popular places in Goa coastal state: Jasminn Villa, Cansaulim Beach, Gogo beach, Remedios Guest House, Horizon Beach Resort, Resort Palmeiras Dourado, Dona Maria Holiday Homes, Velsao Football Ground, Casa dos Fidalgos - Event venue, Goa Beach Private Property and Picnic spot, Velsao Beach, Benny Bar & Restaurant, Valor Beach, Sts. Peter and Paul Convent, Matanhy Saldanha Bridge etc. Switzerland tour vacation booking; Europe tour vacation and Goa is a well pan to spend summer and winter holiday on its beautiful beaches.

Japan tour vacation is a nice idea to Kamaishi coastal city tour which is located in Japan country. Kamaishi is a nature beautiful city which is just 190.0 KM distance from Sendai metropolitan city. Kamaishi coastal city is a nice destination to explore local Japanese people social and modern culture activities. Kamaishi city is very good connected to other Japanese regional places via road, train and water transport.

People can watch several famous places in Kamaishi coastal city whcih some are Rikuchu Ozaki Lighthouse, Heita Baseball Park, Cherry blossoms in Hongo, Kamaishi Dai-kannon Temple, Kamaishi Sports Ground - Sports complex, AEON TOWN Kamaishi - Shopping mall, Hokuto Kamaishieigyosho - General contractor, Toyama Fudoson Waterfall, Hokuto Kamaishieigyosho - General contractor, Senjojiki - Scenic spot, Former Kamaishi Iron Mine Office, Namiita Fudo Falls, good luck cherry blossoms, Takisawa Shrine Okunoin - Shinto shrine, Shinyama Observatory, Hashino Blast Furnace Ruins, Sabinai Iron Mine Ruins Observation Deck, Tono Furusato Village - Open air museum, Kumano Shrine, Saito Sachiko Memorial Museum, Taseo Bridge, Shizu-no-wakkutsu, Hirota Beach, Tsubakishima etc.