Big G

Big G Margao & Panaji, Goa

Big G shopping mall was started from 2005 which established by Gosalia Group. Big G is shopping mall which is popular for restaurant, branded clorthes, jewelleries and shoes. People can purchase different types of things like perfumes, cosmetics sunglasses, jewellery, watches and bags. Tourists also can purchase here different types of the clothes like women' inner wear, lingerie, party wear, jeans, t-shirts, men's formal and casual. BIG G shopping mall has much level like Level-1: women wears, Level-2: Men wears, Level-3: traditional clothing, Level-4: child clothes and toys, Level-5: home decor accessories, Level-6: family supermarket, Level-7: dine and spend quality time.

Big G Margao is the eight levels of exclusive shopping mall with restaurant, supermarkets and the best of the brands with various items to purchase. Big G is a mall in Goa and is quite literally transports its customers with the clientele and the flurry of the footfalls could be seen every single hour of the day. It is hardly surprising that with Hollywood’s Preety Woman fame Julia Roberts chose to shop at this particular outlet. It is located in the heart of the towns of Margao and Panaji respectively with shopping being done at every hours of the day.

The ground level has branded cosmetics jewelry with sunglasses and watches along with bags and one can vouch for the quality of the items. The Level 1 has an exclusive women’s section with the whole gamut of women’s inner-wear along with lingerie and the party wear etc. It also has the level two as exclusive women’s with a whole gamut of home decor, gift items and crockery, cutlery, shoes, novelties and carpets with level 6 is one stop family shop supermarket with the level 7 offers and ultimately at Big G which gives a place to dine along with spending quality time with family.

Weather Temperature

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Average Low (℃) 20.2 20.2 24.6 24.6 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 24.7 23.8 21.6 21.6
Average High (℃) 31.8 31.8 32.6 32.6 30.3 30.3 30.3 30.3 30.3 31.7 32.8 32.8

G Mall (Margao) Information:-

Location: Margao City

Nearest Railway Station: Margaon (3.5 KM)

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 25.5 KM

Panjim City: 34.8 KM

Madgaon City: 3.5 KM

G Mall (Panaji) Information:-

Location: Panaji City

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali (15.3 KM)

Distance From:-

Dabolim Airport: 28.4 KM

Panjim City: 1.6 KM

Madgaon City: 35.5 KM