Banana Ride

Banana Ride, Goa

Banana ride is one of the most attractive water sports at Goa beaches. Approx six persons can sit on banana shaped contraception. This banana shaped contraception pulled by a speed boat. Every persons should wear life jackets before the banana ride water sport play. Banana ride water sports can enjoy on major beaches of the Goa easily.

Banana Ride, Goa is one of the main attractions of the sea sports. The big yellow boats which helps to ride as many as 5-6 people and the thought about having that thrilling ride over the sea waters gives back the enjoyment in an extensive way. There is a need to be spoilt for choices as it comes to having a pick by you that whether you are the one’s who love surfing, yachting, water scooters or any other ways and for the faint heart ones banana ride is the best way to enjoy the pastime. It is more for the people who are too child and does not ride the water scooter but if you want to get that bumpy ride with 5-6 people together then the instant rub gives the banana ride.

The major attractions around the Goa beaches are through Casinos and other ways of enjoyment along with the food particles which is termed as cuisines and giving the banana republic a banana to eat and with the ride helping to enjoy the surfing over the sea gives the person some satisfaction. The passenger taking banana ride in Goa has to wear a life jacket and the boat throws you off sometimes into water but the Goa banana water rides are the one which is the funniest water sports in Goa. The banana ride are a repetitive process of getting flung into the sea and if the wind or the sea is not rough then to the amusement the boat instructor throws you into the sea.

Then you have to get back onto the ride on your own as you just float in the sea waters and the person is attached with the chord through the belt and the best thing about it is that you cannot drown into the sea as there is life jacket attached to it thus helping the person to experience the Goa water sports in best of the ways.

Banana Boat Ride Prices: Rs 300 Per Person (Approx)

Banana Boat Ride Location: : Arambol Beach, Mandrem Beach, Vagator Beac, Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach.

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