Areca Nut

Areca Nut Crop, Goa

Arecanut Crop is one of the most vital cash crop of Goa and is considered as the most common chewing nut by the name of supari or betel nut. The nut gets consumed in a very large scale and it is also linked with religious practices. It can be said that Areca nut is not a true nut but can be characterized as a drupe. Commercial cultivation of Areca is very successful in India. It can be grown on the wide range of soils and whether it is the Western ghats or the Eastern ghats along with East and also North Eastern regions of India.

In India, it is the habit of chewing Arecanut whether it is the ocassion or not and it is also processed into pan-masala, gutkha along with scented supari. With more than 150 types of areca nut it requires up to 45-60 days of good sun-shine. The global scenario of Arecanut in the world was about 10,33 lakh tones out of which India ranks first in terms of both area( 47%) and also production (47%) is of Arecanut. It also gets cultivated in Myanmar and Thailand although on a smaller scale which shows that India is a prominent exporter of the Areca nut.

Also, the Goa Government and the agricultural society provides a good base price thus making it one of the most important crops for farmers as they get the good price from their yield. The land is conducive for growing Areca nuts and it is well ploughed along with harrowed a couple of times which brings the soil to make it fine tilth in the final stage and thus it makes the field weed free from the earlier crops thus bringing out the maximum yields and the most basic way is to understand that it is the seed which brings the best of the Arecanut farming.

The co-operative culture and networking has given much benefits to the farmers in Goa and the large scale production has provided them a great way to understand that the efforts do not pause but grows in life. Also, the changing scenario of the agriculture can be said that the hybrid culture in crop production has bought a new form of saplings which gives more output through single cropping system. The agricultural yield helps to get through inter-cropping and thus it improves varieties of crops in which the tea is planted once and it gives the farm a good production thus reaping huge benefits.

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Location : Ponda, Curchorem, Valpoi and Bicholim

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