River Cruise

Cruise Trip on Mandovi River, Goa

Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) and Private agencies provides river cruises services on the Mandovi River at moonlight, daytime and sunset. This is an adventure trip to see also crocodile, beauty of the Goa nature and dolphin. Santa Monica is the name of the cruise which provides services into Mandovi River. Tourists also can enjoy local girls and boys dances.

River Cruise is one of the best of the things done from the ancient past. The River which are perennial are a source of livelihood and most of the cities, towns and villages are settled around river. The River Mandovi is one which is known for its river cruise in Goa and most of the River Cruise is made memorable with much of the experience centers for River Cruise is found near the Panaji Kadamba Bus Terminus along with the River Cruise which starts from Santa Monica Boat Jetty and Panaji Jetty with an Old Panaji Road.

The River Cruise which see the evening Sunset in the most splendid way and the cruise trips are accompanied by Goan Cultural activities with Music, Dance and with the beautiful experience of the Goan cultural activities like visit of Mandovi River Mangrove Islands. If a person wants to understand the ecosystem of a river and a nature lover in true sense he should visit the River Cruise or any river nearby and then it will help to get connected to the nature. The full day of a tour is between 9:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. and the backwater cruise trip gets arranged by Goa Tourist Dept from Santa Monica.

The some of River Cruise which can be seen around the world city and the Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe are few continents which can be seen as important river cruise routes have been a primitive way of cruising through rivers. The River Cruise are to be seen through primitive row boat in much of the Indian Rivers and they are a supremely calming experiences with sailing along the pressure of the fast-life in today’s world and with the people’s hustle-bustle along with to get rid of the worries and move out of such repercussions in life.

Sunset Cruise : 1 hour

Sundown Cruise : 1 hour

Full Moon Cruise: 1 hour

Dolphin Trip Cruise: 1 hour