Ferry, Cruises and Boat Rental, Goa

Goa Ferry services is one of the most economical and easy ride through the streams along with enjoying the beauty of Goa in it’s original form. The Ferry ride in Goa takes you through rural and real world which goes up-to the waves of Arabian Sea. Enjoying the beautiful sea and the ride which is constant and less bumpy as the ferry sometimes get the bumps on high waves provides one of the most romantic experiences. The several services provides the transportation which offers the boats and ferries along with crisscrossing rivers and the creeks with the cheapest and easy modes of transport which makes it one of the most efficient transportation networks.

The Goa Ferry Services offers and connects the essential means of internal transportation where the flat bottomed ferry boats form a part of Goa and the easy availability of the ferry which has timing mentioned at the ticket counters where the Ferry station is mentioned connects the locals and their over the coastal backwaters. The various small villages and other small towns in Goa can be seen by the ferry ride and a person can experience the various fishing trawlers passing by along with moving from Old Goa to a place called Divar Island or take Ferry at Cortalim while travelling from Margao.

Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) offers cruises services on the Mandovi River. Tourist can enjoy cruises services three time day time, sunset and moonlight. Cruise has approx 200 passenger capacity; it also charges of the children who are older than 6 years. Some private operators also provide cruises and boat services to visit dolphin and crocodiles on rivers and on beaches. Tourists also can get more information at Panaji jetty ticket counter.